1 september 2011

Doctors twice in a row..

Woke up today when my dad came into the room, as usual, at a really early time asking when i was going to the doctors again. He always seems to this, so annoying?! The thing is, i'm pretty sure he knows when i'm going, he just likes to get me up early for no reason lol. So fail hahah anyways..

Was out and about today in town, went to see an old work mate who is now a personal trainer at one of the gym chains here in Stockholm, SATS. He seems to be doing okay, although he says the business is quite tough seeing as one has to market oneself. Also there seems to be some sorta influx of PT's in Stockholm atm, making it even more difficult to find clients.

Speaking of PT's, there is a really famous one who trains a few people at my gym. I'm not gonna mention names but her name starts with H. She is very well established within the fitness world, has a great body and has won quite a few contests in both SM and abroad, in the US and stuff like that. Anyways, i was training the other day and saw her instructing a a guy on bench press. He had the worst form i had seen in a long time. The PT was just standing there, watching him do reps with really shit form. The problem is he can really fuck up his shoulders if he doesn't retract properly - something i was doing for several years before learning the correct technique.. So, a world famous PT just standing there getting money to basically tell some guy how to lift weights wrong? Wheres the sense in that.. I understand the logic, from her side, but not from his side. Guess he doesn't know better hence the help from a PT hehe..

One thing i did realize tho, is that the PT could be benefiting from this under the table. If she doesn't coach hi properly and gets an injury, she will then get more money from him when he does his rehab programme.. amirite? Hmm sneaky business here with personal trainers..

Seems like its all a sneaky and lucrative world out there! Lol just left this blog post open for more than an hour.. so kinda lost my point.

ill post this instead to distract you guys heh :D


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