19 september 2011

Motherfucking Hurley Pro..


The Hurley Pro is out in full force down at Trestles, CALIFORNIA! Awesome stuff I know, the ASP title race is narrowing down to just a few contendors from what I have managed to gather? I think atm it's Slater and Wright? Maybe Taj Burrow will be able to make a come back some how. He surfed pretty well last compo which was over in Long Beach New York I believe!

Anyways, been trying to get a good feed from the Hurley Pro but it seems they have some really shitty streaming format or something? I could stream other contests in HD and now the Hurley stream is lagging like a mofo, plays for about 20 seconds max and then stops. Anyone else out there with this problem?

Check it out at http://www.hurley.com/hurleypro/live.cfm

The actual webcast is looking decent, with a sleek design which is always pretty common with Hurley. I wish I could learn some more computer or website programming, would be really fun to try out!

Winter is coming and I cant wait to get outta here in January!

Santa Barbara with the college in view, gimme some.

Lez go!

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  1. some nice impressions!
    + follow

  2. Santa Barbara looks like a nice place to life.

  3. In Spain, but got the chills from reading your blog! SoCal native here! SB is a BEAUTIFUL place! +followed!