7 september 2011

Wave Garden


The concept behind indoor surfing has been around for a while now with a couple of really good attempts. We have the Flowrider and FlowBarrel, which is, put simply, a plastic bump at the bottom of a pool which has high pressure water flowing over it to create a torrent of water. The water then travels up the bump forming the base of a green wave, ie: real wave, not broken, not whitewater etc.. There are a few different heights for these bumps, some creating a simple downward angled surfable "water platform" so to speak, and the others creating something that actually resembles a wave. Today there are over 100 FlowRiders and FlowBarrels around the globe, check em!

FlowRider here..

And FlowBarrel here..

Now last time I checked we lived in the 21st century, meaning we have access to some pretty fucking awesome technology. We have the ability to drive to 300 km/h or more, fly at the speed of sound, travel space, hell we can even grow humans in little test tubes (haha). One totally awesome thing with today's technology is Wave Garden.

Wave Garden is the first of its kind, portable (ish) Wave Generator. It was designed by two  people who had a knack for building skate parks. They decided to combine their building with their passion - surfing. The research and project leading began in 2005 and was tested in Basque Country, France. More can be read at Wavegarden

Here we have two World Qualifying Series (WQS) surfers going head to head in an actual heat in order to test the Wave Garden. A few months back Jordy Smith and a couple of other guys tested it too, saying it was surprisingly good :)


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