4 september 2011

A motherfucking martian

As we all know, the other day MTV had their annual Video Music Awards, or dem VMA's. A bunch of really uninteresting things happened, like Beyonce announcing a child. So what who cares lol everyone has kids eventually.. What does it matter? What a way to steal the show, bitch. Either way, Wiz Khalifa didn't manage to win this years best new artist or whatever it was, only Tyler the Creator did. Tbh i hadn't even heard of him until he actually won something at the VMA's. How does this happen haha? I know im not that behind on the music scene.. at least not the scene that both of them are doing atm.

His most famous song is prob this one called Yonkers - which frankly, isn't even a song if u ask me. Sure if has a sick bass line with some nice drops and stuff, good beat etc etc but it's not really him singing? He isn't even really rapping.. He just kinda talks really slow, dark and monotone to the mic. Nothing too special I think Wiz should have one due to the simple fact that he has so much more variety. Maybe not in subjects, since most of his songs revolve around smoking weed and Taylor Gang, but come on? Tyler is just so.. bland.

One song i do like by him, or not even by him its by the Game, featuring Lil Wayne and Tyler, is called Martians vs. Goblins. It's aiight, never been a big fan of Lil Wayne but the Game makes alright stuff. This collaboration worked pretty decent I thought hehe.

Check it!

Gonna see if i can manage to run into town today to meet a friend! Hopefully plans go accordingly otherwise it prob wont happen.. She is busy getting her haircut and the guy is retardedly slow/late?! Sigh.

Lez go

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