3 september 2011


I'm so tired. i got into bed at 2.30 tired and chilled as fuaaark, Friday didnt seem to get the better of us last night, thank god. apparently i fell asleep sitting upright to the TV, as i woke up sitting and the TV was on with sounds and stuff?! looked at the clock and it was 5.07, was really confused haha made my massive pillow fort into a sleeping "zone" and passed out. next thing i know my dad comes in at 10.30 to wake me up, AGAIN, telling me i gotta go to the store with my mom.. we drove there at least but i felt sick as shit on the way there. sucks not getting enough sleep haha bajs.

Was in town allllllll day yesterday running around looking for jeans for T, i suggested coloring her jeans to black? she didn't agree and thought that was a waste of time, i was just suggesting? :P hung out for the day, had the nastiest burger from burger king yesterday.. think my appreciation for fast food has some how diminished from being on this diet. That's a good thing tho i would imagine.. except MC eats so much fucking junk food i saw it more as a handicap yesterday.


was an alright afternoon in town, everythingwentbetterthanexpected.jpeg until i somehow managed to let it slip that i still care. That didn't seem to go down too well and it got ganska awkward tyckte jag haha. haters gonna hate.

Fuck im way too tired to go out and skate today, and i'm still sick but these guys are gonna be on my ass to skate today. All i wanna do is sit at home haha, my head hurts -.-

Watched this last night, Horrible Bosses with some peeopls, was actually pretty entertaining. Maybe one of the funnier movies i've seen lately. Damn i gotta say Aniston is pretty hot in this one, and so is Julia Bowen, if anyone remembers her from Weeds? The mom that Silas is messing around with, owns the bakery? ^^ Watch it!

Tung lez go.

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