6 september 2011


It's on! Still haven't seen the waves yet, hopefully they pumping in New York! Interested to see if Balaram Stack is gonna be surfing either as a local random wildcard or as a guest or something. Long Beach is kinda known to the surfing world as his spot, and the kid is what, 20? He would make a much cooler Justin Bieber.

This kid rips, huge future and uhm.. an interesting name? Haha good luck dude.

Heres the link to the live feed: #QuikProNYC

Something I wrote about 4 years ago for school, a shitty little poem haha, not exactly canon material but ye..

Surfing, a childhood memory.
I met up with my buddies ‘n we went down to the shore
To catch some good waves and kill the bore
When we got there it was kinda’ late
The sharks were all out there waiting for bait
We were riding real fast all the way from the start
The joy and the rush will stay in my heart

Something to remember for the rest of my days
The tide and the flood and the crushing blue waves
You can always wait for your ship to come in
But in doing that you just can’t win

Take that moment of sun, sea and sand
Carry it with you tight it your hand
Don’t wait for the wave, you haven’t got a clue
When it’ll happen, when it’ll come to you
So get out there ‘n catch it and remember the ride
On dark rainy days with no one by your side.

Enjoy the show! Lez go!

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