4 september 2011

A female

God dammit its so cold outside. I'm sitting at McDonald's hiding from the cold for my bus which comes in 20min. Just been out in town, the sky was crystal clear blue - easily a 25 degree day if it had been real summer.. checking the temp earlier and now, it barely even reached 20 today argh! Lame.

Don't have much to say, except that I met that friend, anonymous, in town today. I gotta say it was pretty different. Never really Hung out with this person one on one but I decided to it anyways, was interesting hehe. We just sat and talked mostly, about nothing at all really. Or well theoretically about something duh, but it was still the same subjects pretty much. Not that its a bad thing, not at all just felt like noting that haha.

Being with anon was cool, haven't really had too much female contact in general lately so twas much appreciated. Discussing various things like money situations, travelling, moving, life outside of Sweden etc. Getting a different persons point of view for once was surprisingly.. pleasant :D

Towards the end it was surprisingly sad to see them taking the train but who knows when we may see each other again hehe :D

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces"
   - Bridget Jones Diary

Here is a pic of Anon ;D

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  1. A double meaning perhaps? ;) Did anyone see what i did there huhuhu