5 september 2011



Top of the morning to ya, today will be a bit different in terms of posting. First, gonna talk about the dreaded tumblr fad, then post some interesting pics from tumblr that i actually thought were kinda cool/related to how me or the average person thinks?! Awesome shit i know, lez go.

Right so, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and MySpace. These are prob the main social networking/blog utilities available to us today. The biggest one, most prolly being Facebook with all the millions of people worldwide behind it, using it every day.. Heck they even made a movie! I put the line thru that cuz I personally thought the movie sucked, anyways.. Twitter is cool for keeping up to date with what’s going on, the 140~ character limit is a real bitch but at the same time a life saver - it lets me get the latest news and titbits from errywhere in just a few short sentences opposed to having to read an entire article online about it some where else?! Epic I know right ^^, MySpace as far as I know and care, is d.e.a.d and has been for a long time I believe? I remember when I was like 15 or 16 and thought of starting one but it was all just so messy and ugly, never really took a liking to it hehe. Now, this one is interesting and I’ve saved it to last for a reason - Tumblr.

I dunno really what the deal with tumblr is, it’s a personal image board mixed with a blog mixed with Twitter? Amirite? So therefore it must be a ...plog? or something along those lines? Help me out here if u know oh mighty interwebz! The thing is, a couple of people i know have tumblr, and through that i always find some really interesting pictures there. Where do you people get these pictures haha? I know you all doing the retumbl thing, i.e. retweet, but then the originals, where’d they come from? If I were to Google one of those pics i most prolly wouldn’t find them, especially the ones with the quirky little sayings etc..

A friend of mine has been pushing me to get tumblr, I’m not convinced yet though. Looks as if you can have a pretty sweet looking layout, and pretty much customize it to exactly what you want. Sounds promising enough.. I've found a couple of cool tumblr pages already, just randomly browsing. Some made by famous people and others that just spew out awesome looking pictures or pictures you can really relate to.. I really dunno what to do, would be cool. Feels like at least now, I’m in that kinda mind space (lol myspace? :P) to retumbl half the stuff that i see because, well, the fact is i can actaulyl relate to it haha? Sounds weird, makes me feel kinda, chic, and so average in a way but its kinda true?! Hmm wat do.

I once saw a pic somewhere on someone’s tumblr where there was a text, it went something like; Facebook: Find out you have nothing in common with your friends. Tumblr: Find out there are people feeling exactly like you all over the world.

Aaaand, are we sposed to take the things posted on tumblr literally? Like, a lot of the posts are a picture with some text on it, or a text message or even just something someone had written in notepad. How is one supposed to interpret those kinda images? Does one simply retumbl because one thinks its cool or smart or because we actually relate to it? Or are we trying to get a message across and prove a point to some one? Sigh, the dilemmas of modern day communication, aka social networking. It's so hard to find true emotion in anything that is posted these days..

Here’s a couple of these posts and pics i was talking about, just a few I have saved here and there.. Enjoy ;) Disclaimer: These aint mine and they might cause emotional problems.

These guys are so fucking awesome.

bleeeeh gifs wont play on mah blog, click em to see em move!

Laters !

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