21 september 2011

Guess whos back, back again


Just got to the computer, woke up a little while ago. Managed to run around the house earlier helping my dad with some washing of clothes and dishes and other random household stuffs. Spoke a bit about the Rugby World Cup, which is being played in New Zealand this time around. South Africa has a match tomorrow against Namibia, their bordering neighbors and EX COLONY! How funny is that hahah, not too funny.. or? Either way, shouldn't be too hard of a game to be honest. I don't really see Namibia as a rugby nation, I mean they have been around for a while, have played some alright matches but they are really just.. wannabe South Africans? No really, seriously. South Africa actually owned Namibia before, yes, the country Namibia lol. They were our bitches so to speak, either way they still speak Afrikaans up there as well as German and most of their towns are named under the Afrikaans language. Excited to wake up tomorrow at 10am and watch the game!

Check out what's going on during the Rugby World Cup right here at: http://www.rugbyworldcup.com/

Yesterday I managed to get back to gym, first time in a while. My form and conditioning is, surprisingly, looking better than before. I've lost more weight but also a little muscle mass, which kinda sucks but hey, what you gon' do when sickness comes for you eh? ;) Being sick and not training sucks. You lose more muscle mass and overall weight due to the sickness than if you would normally have just taken a break. Given that the time on stopping and being sick are the same, in my case 2 weeks lol. Dieting next week Monday, I will have a new diet planned out and ready to go! Which means this weekend is GOMAD weekend.

A mate of mine is living alone for the month, gonna have a couple of people over for some reefer party hihi, gonna be pretty fucking sick. Already getting excited to meet these new people from his class. Apparently they are quite, hmm how to put this in a subtle way, well developed in the pectoralis major and really crazy wild fun when they GOMAD. Intradasting, yes? ;)

Dat ass on dem fitgirls.

Speaking of pectoralis major, did chest day yesterday. My side chest poses are coming along pretty fucking nicely I must say for myself. Have some definite lines cutting both under and to the sides of both pecs now. The cut is working! Adonis is also peeking out even more now, maybe I should switch to a low/no carb diet? Seems to be working well for my friend. Looks way more shredded and doesn't have to deal with the swelling of the stomach which normally follows after eating carbohydrates.

Raining like a motherfucker, I wanna meet my neighbor and see what she is up to but shes dancing ffs. Dancing is cool. Some one teach me?

Peace interwebs see you around!

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  1. You just motivated me to not eat that pizza thats in the freezer, thank you!

  2. ...now i feel fat after eating that lasagne :/