30 september 2011

Liberty and drug use

Just ran across this on youtube... Watch it, some really good points brought up something worth watching I would say even if you're for or against drugs in general!

Anatomy Chart


Just some images regarding training and the basic human anatomy, have a more in-depth picture of the second posted pic - with everything there is to know about abdominals and that area! Will post it later but for now, it's Friday again, read these and i'll get back to you guys!

28 september 2011

In the kitchen..

200g chicken 150g potato and its under 400kcal! Throw this in the oven for 30min at 225 celcius and your cutting meal is ready :) add some salad to keep the stomach full if needed, now brb gotta put it in!

27 september 2011

Waiting on SBCC

Waiting on SBCC, applied for some jobs and now here - bored as always. Just found this, and I gotta admit, I am NOT looking forward to not using the metric system. It's so much simpler whyyyyyyyyyyy?

26 september 2011

Yes, I will post my guns!

And by guns, no America, I don't the kind that shoot bullets haha. Today was the start of the official frozenafrican diet/cutting regime PART II! Yessir, I started over with my diet now at a steady 67kg after having an awesomely sinful weekend!

This Friday, we were lucky enough to NOT be hit by any random falling space debris. I was lucky enough, however, to to scoff down as much food as I possibly could and damn did I manage to do that this weekend haha! In build up to my cutting plan I decided to say, fuck you aesthetics. This weekend i'm gonna eat and drink whatever the hell I want. So I did. We started off slow by just chilling around, waiting for people to arrive at my friends place. Eventually when some the key group factors had arrived we proceeded to the store, where we grabbed 9 pizzas, some drinks and chocolate. Later that evening we got some mixed candy, more drinks and even more candy later on that night. I think I must have eaten about 6000kcal that night. I had eaten myself to incapacitation, I remember specifically saying that as well during the night. I was so tired and full haha, it was pretty epic. We eventually had everyone over, played some xbox, blasted some music, HEARD SOME NEW MUSIC, which was cool, and just pretty much chilled the fuck out. Shit was intense.

Following morning, rinse and repeat. Start off the morning with a chill session and some sammiches, followed by a slow walk to the very close-by store, literally 3 minutes from the house lol. Grabbed some edibles and continued. We called up John who arrived shortly thereafter and continued to chill like Morot Crü has always, will and should always do! Btw, had Ben n Jerrys this weekend, SO GOOD!

Today, is Monday. My brother has bought a Playstation 3 and some games so now maybe if we ever buy the same game, we could play against each other haha? Even though he'll just be sitting in the other room I can tell it would be epic! As stated, started the diet today decided to mix things up and for instead of Day 1 today I helped my friend out with Day 4, back/biceps.

Here's a quick shot of the guns in action, doing forced negatives with a bench acting as a preacher! Didn't know they looked that big hahah...


23 september 2011



Tonight's the night my friends, it's Friday again and as some of you already know when me and Friday hook up, some shit ALWAYS goes down.

Let's see how much trouble we can avoid today, seeing as i'll be indoors tonight instead of the usual outdoor activities. Dis gun be gud, already packed down the sound system, which btw is super heavy lol. Dunno how i'm gonna carry this shiet all the way over to the other side of town. Hmm. Back is gonna kill me haha. 

Then later out to the booze store, this weekend is GOMAD, get fucked, get funked and get crunked. 

How appropriate that the first official day of the fall/winter solstice or whatever its called is marked by falling debris from space. Hopefully we none of us, including you out there, will be hit by the NASA satellite that is supposedly going to hit the earth surface today. It weighs over 5 tons (that's in kilograms btw), and is comprised of 26 different parts which, as far as I know or believe have split up or will split up when entering the Earths atmosphere? Oh we shall see! Btw, this piece of floating metal is as old as me, if not older lol. Crazy!

A quick extract from Wiki here;

"The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) is an orbital observatory whose mission was to study the Earth’s atmosphere, particularly the protective ozone layer. The 5,900-kilogram satellite was deployed from Space Shuttle Discovery during the STS-48 mission in September 1991. UARS entered orbit on 15 September 1991 at an operational altitude of 600 kilometers, with an orbital inclination of 57 degrees.
The original mission duration was to be only three years, but in June 2005, 14 years after the satellite's launch, six of its ten instruments were still operational. The George W. Bush administration reduced funding for the Earth Science Enterprise, but increased concerns for ozone depletion in the scientific community made the de-commissioning of UARS controversial. UARS was decommissioned in 2005, and a final orbit-lowering burn was performed, followed by the passivation of the satellite's systems, in early December 2005. On October 26, 2010, the International Space Station performed a debris-avoidance maneuver in response to a conjunction with UARS."

"Yeah thats some chill shiet" - Rock, Heltah Skeltah.

22 september 2011



Wazzup? Woke up this morning in dreary Sweden to catch the highlights of the latest Rugby World Cup game, between my home nation South Africa and their neighbors, Namibia. Turns out SA pummeled Namibia with 87-0 after the final whistle. Made me laugh a little when I saw the actual score. Sounds like I'm a bad sport but daaaamn, that's a pretty solid score the Bokke managed to put up. Proud of you boys! :D

Incase there are a few of you guys out there who don't know the finess within rugby, here's a "Rugby 101" basic info sheet I created 2 years ago while still in school. It was my part of my final assignment in school, came along with some footage and posters and some basic marketing of the sport here in cold Sweden!

Enjoy, catch you later!

The Basics
Each team consists of 15 players. (8 Forwards, 7 Backs)
Ball must be passed backwards or kicked forwards.
Points are awarded for scoring a try; touching the ball down across the try line, adding a conversion; kicking the ball between the posts after a try is awarded and kicking a Penalty; kicking the ball between the posts after being awarded a penalty.
Game is 80 minutes long, split into two halves each being, 40 minutes long.

Point system
Score (Try) = 5pts
Goal kick after scoring a "try(Conversion) = 2pts
Penalty Kick = 3pts
Goal kick during play (Drop goal) = 3pts

Different player positions in a rugby game

1. Loosehead Prop
2. Hooker
3. Tighthead Prop
4. Second Row
5. Second Row
6. Blindside Flanker
7. Openside Flanker
8. Number 8

9. Scrum Half
10. Out Half
11. Left Winger
12. Inside Centre
13. Outside Centre
14. Right Winger
15. Full Back

The Scrum
Each teams forwards engage with each other like this;

the Scrum half of the team that has the scrum puts the ball into the middle of the scrum from the side and each hooker tries to get the ball to the back of the scrum where the Number 8 is, whilst both teams push against each other to try to secure some ground.

When a player puts the ball into touch (that is, out of the field of play), the opposing team is awarded a line-out. An exception is that if the ball is kicked into touch from a penalty kick, the team that was awarded the penalty throws in to the resulting line-out. A line-out is formed with a minimum of two players from each side; the maximum number is determined by the team throwing in and their opponents must not have more players in the line-out (though they can have fewer).

A player from the throwing team, usually (but not always) the hooker, throws the ball in.The thrower may throw the ball as high and as far as he wishes and players forming part of the line-out are allowed to jump up and catch the ball. A player in the line-out will attempt either to catch the ball.

A line-out ends when the ball, or a player carrying it, leaves the line-out, or, if a ruck or maul is formed at the line-out, when all the feet of all the players forming the ruck or maul move beyond the line of touch.

21 september 2011


People come and people go, such a down to earth little phrase in the English language. So true, so wrong, so brutally honest. We meet people everyday, some not always new and some not always old. Some we grow fond of, some we don't. Sometimes all it takes is a tiny spark, to flare a quality friendship or even relationship. Sadly, like all things on earth, they must come to an end, much like us human beings. One thing I have learn't recently, is that these small things we cherish, love and hold so close to our heart just aren't meant to be. 

Hurting is okay, feeling shit is okay, crying is okay, calling a friend is okay, talking about things is okay, freeing your mind on various mediums is okay. What's not okay is moping. Moping around in ones own self pity, which I have gained quite a knack for lately, is not okay. One of my closest friends once repeated this entire text to me, almost word for word. It's Rocky Balboa's speech to his son about life and all its perilous ups and downs, and how it continuously eats at you, continuously beats at you, continuously fights, screams, annoys, almost damn near killed and even shits on you. Read this.

"Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It is a very mean and nasty place and it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it. You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain’t how hard you hit; it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. How much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done. Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hit, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you are because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!"

Flan my man, you were the first person I spoke to when I came out of my relationship, and for that I cannot thank you enough my friend. Stay strong, this ones for you dude.


Guess whos back, back again


Just got to the computer, woke up a little while ago. Managed to run around the house earlier helping my dad with some washing of clothes and dishes and other random household stuffs. Spoke a bit about the Rugby World Cup, which is being played in New Zealand this time around. South Africa has a match tomorrow against Namibia, their bordering neighbors and EX COLONY! How funny is that hahah, not too funny.. or? Either way, shouldn't be too hard of a game to be honest. I don't really see Namibia as a rugby nation, I mean they have been around for a while, have played some alright matches but they are really just.. wannabe South Africans? No really, seriously. South Africa actually owned Namibia before, yes, the country Namibia lol. They were our bitches so to speak, either way they still speak Afrikaans up there as well as German and most of their towns are named under the Afrikaans language. Excited to wake up tomorrow at 10am and watch the game!

Check out what's going on during the Rugby World Cup right here at: http://www.rugbyworldcup.com/

Yesterday I managed to get back to gym, first time in a while. My form and conditioning is, surprisingly, looking better than before. I've lost more weight but also a little muscle mass, which kinda sucks but hey, what you gon' do when sickness comes for you eh? ;) Being sick and not training sucks. You lose more muscle mass and overall weight due to the sickness than if you would normally have just taken a break. Given that the time on stopping and being sick are the same, in my case 2 weeks lol. Dieting next week Monday, I will have a new diet planned out and ready to go! Which means this weekend is GOMAD weekend.

A mate of mine is living alone for the month, gonna have a couple of people over for some reefer party hihi, gonna be pretty fucking sick. Already getting excited to meet these new people from his class. Apparently they are quite, hmm how to put this in a subtle way, well developed in the pectoralis major and really crazy wild fun when they GOMAD. Intradasting, yes? ;)

Dat ass on dem fitgirls.

Speaking of pectoralis major, did chest day yesterday. My side chest poses are coming along pretty fucking nicely I must say for myself. Have some definite lines cutting both under and to the sides of both pecs now. The cut is working! Adonis is also peeking out even more now, maybe I should switch to a low/no carb diet? Seems to be working well for my friend. Looks way more shredded and doesn't have to deal with the swelling of the stomach which normally follows after eating carbohydrates.

Raining like a motherfucker, I wanna meet my neighbor and see what she is up to but shes dancing ffs. Dancing is cool. Some one teach me?

Peace interwebs see you around!

20 september 2011

Wallpapers - click em, save em, use em.


Just got back from my first gym session in about two weeks - as suspected I felt quite a bit weaker now, no surprise considering I was sick, not sleeping well, completely off my diet and wasn't even getting my protein quotas in day by day. 

Like I said a few posts ago, I found some epic wallpapers of all different sizes. Or, found and found I got them from a friend. Dumping them now brace for epicness!

19 september 2011

Seven secrets to sleeping.


A lot of sleep is very useful, you know?

  • While sleeping you produce more white blood corpuscles, that means your wounds heal faster.
  • While sleeping your brain repeats what you have done today and sorts usless information out.
  • While sleeping you dream up to 7 times in the night but you barely remember some of those because your brain thinks that this information is useless and sorts it out. 
  • While sleeping you regenerate energy so you feel refreshed when you wake up.

  • When you force yourself to stay awake, you have big problems to remember new learned things.
  • When you force yourself to stay awake, your eye-lids get heavy so your body forces you to close your eyes.Through that it gets dark so your brain thinks its night so it sends out some stuff that makes you feel even sleepier.
  • When you force yourself to stay awake, your body starts to itch. With that your body tells you, that he is no longer capable of recorgnizing if you really have to scratch that spot or not.

Haha so yes, there were some random sleep facts, dunno if there is any use to knowing that stuff but I found it pretty tung, and decided it was worth while posting it here!

Tung, random shit. Peace until later!

Ah yeah, managed to grab some random famous quotes today from a friend as well. Will post em later tonight perhaps!

Motherfucking Hurley Pro..


The Hurley Pro is out in full force down at Trestles, CALIFORNIA! Awesome stuff I know, the ASP title race is narrowing down to just a few contendors from what I have managed to gather? I think atm it's Slater and Wright? Maybe Taj Burrow will be able to make a come back some how. He surfed pretty well last compo which was over in Long Beach New York I believe!

Anyways, been trying to get a good feed from the Hurley Pro but it seems they have some really shitty streaming format or something? I could stream other contests in HD and now the Hurley stream is lagging like a mofo, plays for about 20 seconds max and then stops. Anyone else out there with this problem?

Check it out at http://www.hurley.com/hurleypro/live.cfm

The actual webcast is looking decent, with a sleek design which is always pretty common with Hurley. I wish I could learn some more computer or website programming, would be really fun to try out!

Winter is coming and I cant wait to get outta here in January!

Santa Barbara with the college in view, gimme some.

Lez go!

17 september 2011

lol its 6am..

...i really need to get to bed. some random wallpapers i snatched off a friend the other day, got loads more maybe i'll dump em some time!


16 september 2011

Post 46

Super hungover from last night, so fooking tired! Slept all the way until now pretty much but damn, haven't been this seg/tired in a while...

I had a movie list around here some time ago, all the "top 100 movies" pretty much. Dunno where that one ran off to tho ANYWHO! Check it

Epic pic... Thanks Caroline B for that one

14 september 2011


Just can't seem to get enough of Words with Friends on my phone and Facebook?!
This shit is so epic haha and so fun :D Seems like it's fast becoming the in thing for MC to do when chilling, only problem is the app uses my entire battery life in like an hour and a half.. if i'm lucky haha! Yesterday I got "produce" using all the letters on my board, and of course like always I wasn't able to use it ANYWHERE FFS! I wonder if I would get bonus points for using all my available letters? Hmm?

Hmm what to do? Waiting on some job applications, waiting to start my diet again, hopefully gonna be starting next week! Just need to adjust some stuff in my diet but it will be pretty much the same as I posted before a while back. Also waiting on an answer from SBCC, will prob be another week or two i'm guessing.

America is gonna epic.

13 september 2011


Damn straight.
Damn it feels good to be a Taylor - Wiz


Ah man, it's already Tuesday where did the weekend go?! shit son.

  • Halfway through Californication season 3, Hank Moody is such a fucking boss!
  • Kinda sorta maybe wanna watch The Office, US version
  • New Weeds, I should prob watch that too soon
  • I have way too many movies at home that I don't watch, I need help!
  • Afroduck, fitgirl and a random image.

That's all folks!

9 september 2011

Bits from today - Silas Rock was tung as usual. Epic view, snake skin at Hammarbybacken, Alvik and pancakes when i got home! Applied to a bunch of jobs today hope those work out!! Passing out to the tv maybe some movie?
Anyways, this is me right now hahaha ->  ¦)


Car ride with le Flan to meet Darth Vader right outside of his Deathstar! Been a while since we met Darth and now we are chilling with Lelle at Silas Rock! MC gonna test Friday again and see what it has in store for us!