26 september 2011

Yes, I will post my guns!

And by guns, no America, I don't the kind that shoot bullets haha. Today was the start of the official frozenafrican diet/cutting regime PART II! Yessir, I started over with my diet now at a steady 67kg after having an awesomely sinful weekend!

This Friday, we were lucky enough to NOT be hit by any random falling space debris. I was lucky enough, however, to to scoff down as much food as I possibly could and damn did I manage to do that this weekend haha! In build up to my cutting plan I decided to say, fuck you aesthetics. This weekend i'm gonna eat and drink whatever the hell I want. So I did. We started off slow by just chilling around, waiting for people to arrive at my friends place. Eventually when some the key group factors had arrived we proceeded to the store, where we grabbed 9 pizzas, some drinks and chocolate. Later that evening we got some mixed candy, more drinks and even more candy later on that night. I think I must have eaten about 6000kcal that night. I had eaten myself to incapacitation, I remember specifically saying that as well during the night. I was so tired and full haha, it was pretty epic. We eventually had everyone over, played some xbox, blasted some music, HEARD SOME NEW MUSIC, which was cool, and just pretty much chilled the fuck out. Shit was intense.

Following morning, rinse and repeat. Start off the morning with a chill session and some sammiches, followed by a slow walk to the very close-by store, literally 3 minutes from the house lol. Grabbed some edibles and continued. We called up John who arrived shortly thereafter and continued to chill like Morot Crü has always, will and should always do! Btw, had Ben n Jerrys this weekend, SO GOOD!

Today, is Monday. My brother has bought a Playstation 3 and some games so now maybe if we ever buy the same game, we could play against each other haha? Even though he'll just be sitting in the other room I can tell it would be epic! As stated, started the diet today decided to mix things up and for instead of Day 1 today I helped my friend out with Day 4, back/biceps.

Here's a quick shot of the guns in action, doing forced negatives with a bench acting as a preacher! Didn't know they looked that big hahah...


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