8 september 2011

Music at home?

an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions insignificant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody,harmony, and color.
the tones or sounds employed, occurring in single line(melody) or multiple lines (harmony), and sounded or to besounded by one or more voices or instruments, or both.

Music makes me lose control. A line Missy Elliot once used in a song a few years back, quite a hit back in the day if i remember correctly? Anywho, I gotta say the contrary, music gives me control. I'm sure most of you out there would agree too, that music helps us in most situations whether its the rough times, the tough times or the good times. 

Music has become such a big part of my life now a days, and i'm pretty sure it is for almost every single person out there. With the introduction of portable music players like mp3's and Walkmans and even smartphones these days, people carry music on them almost every single day. When i'm travelling on the trains and buses through Stockholm I feel panicked and stressed out if I don't have my mp3 playing. I need it to survive, literally. No one wants to sit and listen to all the boring chitchat, not that there is much here on Swedish transport, and having that little space to yourself where you can gaze out the window and just listen to awesome music, is a must!

Music at home is a different thing these days where everything is becoming more and more digital every day. We don't buy CD's anymore. I know this for a fact as I worked in one of Scandinavias biggest digital media logistics firms, and I can say this - there are A LOT of music CD's in the returns section due to people downloading - legally and illegally of course.

One of these legal ways is a new fad, which actually originates from Stockholm, Sweden and was created by a few school kids. Spotify is a digital platform which can be used to both listen, read up on and even buy music from. It's become really big here in Sweden, of course lol, and was recently released in the US. No surprise, they were sued within a week by all the artists haha, fucking America. Btw, just waiting on the answer from SBCC now before I know whether I will be moving there for two years or not! Can't wait! Or, I can, but not too long though.. few things here I would like to fix ;) Back on topic.. They recently, more like a few months ago, changed Spotify from being completely free with commercials to being 10 hours a month, 5 times per song (FOREVER LOL?! just noticed that) and filled with commercials. This sucks! I had one of the Spotify unlimited accounts which gave me unlimited music with a few commercials. Now of course, thanks to the invention of money (assholes who ever it was that invented money omg -.-) we have to pay, a small fee though, to listen to our favorite music. That is just lame mayn.

On the other hand, another digital platform is Grooveshark. Created a few years ago by a couple of Americans rather than Swedes. I don't know too much about it, except that unlike Spotify its a web based flash program used to stream music. Spotify on the other hand is a downloadable program used to stream music. Grooveshark is completely free, featuring a payable premium account much like Spotify, has what I believe to be a BROADER selection of music, and is completely AD FREE! While listening that is, some adds on the sides but Spotify has that too hehe ;) As you can see the layouts are pretty much the same, both being fairly straight forward and simple. Search for songs, create a playlist, save them and listen to them later!

Hope you guys can take advantage of this and help Grooveshark grow!

Lez go.

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