14 september 2011


Just can't seem to get enough of Words with Friends on my phone and Facebook?!
This shit is so epic haha and so fun :D Seems like it's fast becoming the in thing for MC to do when chilling, only problem is the app uses my entire battery life in like an hour and a half.. if i'm lucky haha! Yesterday I got "produce" using all the letters on my board, and of course like always I wasn't able to use it ANYWHERE FFS! I wonder if I would get bonus points for using all my available letters? Hmm?

Hmm what to do? Waiting on some job applications, waiting to start my diet again, hopefully gonna be starting next week! Just need to adjust some stuff in my diet but it will be pretty much the same as I posted before a while back. Also waiting on an answer from SBCC, will prob be another week or two i'm guessing.

America is gonna epic.

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