15 augusti 2011

Time is going by kinda half fast.. ish

So been super busy, fixing the last of the stuff needed for CALI! Das right, santa barbara is just looking more and more real by the day. Been hanging a lot with Robin lately, some people were outta town but it was cool.

We all went out the other night, to a friend of mines 20th. Me john robin and some others started randomly attempting to freestyle haha, was epic. Met some new people, some girl who was a massive hypercondriact haha. kinda sad, she was cute.. from a far haha :P

Anyways, only a few things left to fix, that being a copy of my passport and the application fee then im free to send off my app to SBCC!

Lotta stuff has been going through my head lately too, dont know what to do or think of it. Its quite strange to be honest, being alone is both scary and exciting yet i still find myself reflecting and reminiscing back to previous months.. i prob shouldnt do it since it makes me feel quite sad and emo, but at the same time it makes me smile remembering the times <3

Maybe another post later tonight about something less boring but for now..

peace out

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