19 augusti 2011

The side effects of bodybuilding

Before anything is said let's look at the title of this post, note bodybuilder. I've been thinking about this for sometime now and came tho the conclusion that I do indeed fall into the category of "bodybuilder".

If a group of guys play soccer, or football as some may say, then those guys are referred to as soccer players, amirite? Yes, they practice the sport and play it regularly. Therefore this makes them soccer players, or footballers, depending on which side of the planet ur on hehe. The same applies to all sports whether they are team sports such as soccer or individual sports such as chess, swimming or surfing. I may not be the biggest guy around, but I'm still a bodybuilder. I train, and therefore build my body.

With this territory comes a dark and quite frankly, rather unpleasant side, as which is experienced in most sports. Right now, I think I'm experiencing some of these darker side of the bodybuilding life. I've been in a diet for the last month and a half, after a little hiccup at the month mark I managed to pick it up again and am now at a solid 10kg minus. This has had a really bad toll on my mind and body tho, things I don't really want to write too much about tbh.

It's a tough routine and not everyone can accomplish it. Not saying that I'm better than anyone else, because as I just wrote up here, I had a few hiccups along my journey.. and I'm only halfway! So I recently discovered I have sustained a few injuries, both outside and inside of my body due to dieting and overtraining. Dieting is good and all for the body, but if you do it wrong and combine it with over training and being greedy for fat loss then its not such a good thing.

Being sick lately has also helped to my injuries with swollen glands, sore throats and loads of flem being coughed up. Now when I'm finally on medication another thing pops up to hinder my progress, these two injuries

I feel like I could tear someone's throat out, so much rage and anger for being so stupid that I could do this to myself. The pain fuels my aggression which is directed to myself, and my head just starts doing 180s. (No, I'm not cutting myself haha) Sure its only putting me back about two or three weeks, but those are gonna be some long ass weeks, can tell you that now.

There's only one person I really wanna be with right now, but that person is so far from me right now. I don't even know if they think of me anymore. We'll see I guess.

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