1 augusti 2011

First day back at gym..

Right so, first day back at gym today was pretty crappy. My focus was so off today I couldnt really concentrate so good while counting reps and sets and just focusing in general. I've tried some of those pre-workout formulas before, the pump and rush is good (at least the physical side) but im not so sure about the mental side, maybe it will help me focus? I know i was pretty wide awake at one point at like 5am before work, started at 7 that day was a pretty slow day hehe.. :p

Anyways, super off track. Or actually have no idea what the track is today. Gotta head out to meet some guys, they are gonna chill but im deciding not to chill. Will see how it goes, if i can hold myself haha. Sometimes i wish life was as easy as Wiz'

One can only dream..

Digging this guys music at the moment, a few songs to check out are roll up, on my level and fly solo. All pretty interesting, seems like he has gone for a new kind of approach to the whole hiphop seen. It's pretty chill

Lez go (to town :P)

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