28 augusti 2011

Tahiti is going bonkers

Havent had access to an actual computer in days, finally got one now.. Realising that smart phones arent as smart as they seem? Atleast not when u dont have a computer to do all the "big" stuff with.. sucks. Some interesting things happening in the world right now; there is a massive hurricane parked outside of New York atm, did anyone say Day after Tomorrow? The conflict in Libya, well im not gonna say much since i havent reaaaally followed it, but i think they managed to win some battles and actually have the former leader on the run? Good job guys, at least we wont have to hear more about Libya in a few months.

A dear friend of mine left the other day, named Ivan. I've only known Ivan since 2007. roughly 4½ years now, but together with him and a few others we created Morot Crü, our longboard crew. We have a few clips of us skating and doing various things around Stockholm, just skating and chilling mostly. We all become such a tight knitted group of friends over the last 2 years, even tho Ivan moved down to Africa for 9 months or so in 2010.. Sadly now, Ivan has moved on to Maastricht in the Netherlands to study there, nice Amdam some time soon? ^^ Another post will come later about Ivan and what we like to call, Giant.

In other news! The ocean is raging in the indo pacific, Billabong is trying to host a surf event at the infamous Teahupo'o in Tahiti but the waves are a bit too crazy. Yesterday i managed to catch some webcast at like 3am, they were having a lay day for the contest and a tow session was arranged. Towing is when a surfer is pulled behind a jetski, so he can have enough speed to catch bigger waves and get massively slotted!

Hopefully they will have the contest up and running soon, they're about halfway thru the waiting period i think? :S

Heres the link to the webcast, followed by a few crazy pics of yesterdays tow in session! Btw, the reasons Chopes, as its called, is so infamous is quite obvious.. Just look at how the wave breaks. The entire ocean gets sucked up and backed up behind the face of the wave leaving almost bare rock at the bottom, about maybe 2 - 4meters deep. So in theory the entire ocean is placed behind each wave for a period.. Check the pics and you will understand!

Bong Pro Tahiti

And a short lil clip here just :)

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