9 augusti 2011

Russias Toughest Prisons

Was out last night pretty late, chillin n grillin around town. Decided to head home at 3am and watch Russias Toughest Prisons. The shit i saw there was crazy, total self confinement, no contact with other prisoners except your cell mate. Man, this place was crazy.. Black Dolphin Prison, some where in Siberia lol. Would DEFF not wanna be stuck there. Heres a pic of one of the inmates, aka the Cannibal.

"For the first time, three prisons across Russia unlock their doors to an international film crew. From a Siberian prison camp where temperatures plummet to 50 below to the highest security prison, where cannibals, terrorists and serial killers will live out the rest of their days, caged like animals. And, a pass inside infamous Vladimir Central — at over 200 years old, it’s held an estimated one million inmates. Inside Black Dolphin, a cannibal talks openly about his crime, divulging how he boiled, fried and ate his murder victim. In Vladimir Central, a convict opens up about killing his brother-in-law for disturbing his daughter’s peaceful night’s sleep. And inside a Siberian prison camp, we meet two friends about to go their separate ways when one gets paroled."

Russias Toughest Prisons

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