7 augusti 2011

Splitting atoms in our backyard, literally..

So, was reading the news the other day and found this article.. What a retard, honestly.

"A Swedish man has been arrested after attempting to split the atom in his own home.
Amateur scientist, Richard Handl, admitted his 'project was to build a working nuclear reactor'. He managed to acquire radioactive chemicals, tried to cook them but only managed to blow up his stove.
The 31-year-old claimed there was nothing sinister in his actions but that the work was his hobby."

The article continues reporting he called the Radiation Board and asked whether what he was doing was illegal.. Duh?

"Splitting the atom requires a great deal of expertise. It cost the U.S, Britain and Canada around $2billion, using around 130,000 people, to work out how to do it in 1939.
What the scientists discovered was that splitting a uranium-235 atom unleashed gigantic quantities of energy in a nuclear fission chain reaction.
It is split from being bombarded with neutrons. This releases more neutrons and more energy. The new neutrons then collide with more uranium-235 atoms, which in turn split again and release more neutrons and further quantities of energy, and so on.
Nuclear reactors are designed to release the energy steadily, while nuclear bombs are engineered to release it all at once. They are able to do this because they are stocked with uranium that contains higher levels of uranium-235, also known as enriched uranium.
This is a heavily monitored substance – and trying to obtain any is likely to land you in big trouble."

Remember kids: ALWAYS use a reactor when splitting dem atoms.

Check the full article here at Daily Mail UK

Hakuna matata lez go!

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