29 augusti 2011


Ivan B, 200cm, turned down Hollister and almost born in 1992. Those of you who know Ivan know that he has recently left Sweden, to start Uni in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Raised on the grassy plains of his luxurious house in Tanzania, which came with a private driver I believe, Ivan is quite the remarkable person. Known for being a true "smart" person he gave the nerd_girl_squad a run for their money in the 3 years we were all in a class together. I don't know how or where he obtained some of the random facts he blurted out, but it always seemed to make sense, and/or be correct? How did he do that, i still wonder today. His fascination for philosophy always seemed to impress me, i'm not much of a philosopher but i like to do it from time to time, on my level.

Ivan likes chameleons, he would like to be one of the smaller kinds if reincarnation was true. He knows unusually much about the little colorful creatures, much more than any other person i know in fact. He told us this a few days ago, while we sat in Enskede doing our usual Morot Crü things, talking about nothing. So many memories that i have saved up in my brain_memory_bank, of us two, us four and later us five, some even with us seven whilst still in school. He was one of the co-founders of Morot Crü along with Dutchess and Chief Master Boar. A life long friendship (i hope lol) that seemed to orbit around a few simple things, we know what they are and some of you out there prolly know what they are too. Here are a few clues..

Here he is, trying to longboard for the first time right outside of school on a small windy, and quite fast downhill path. I remember this specific time how he went up and down for about 15minutes just riding the longboard, happy and smiling. That was the beginning of a new era, or so i like to believe, of Ivans life. The past two years longboarding has kept MC together even over 11 000 km's away, in South Africa. He took his board down, longboarding and Moroted around in SA flying our banner every where he went.

A true team member and player, some one who was always there for you when you needed ears, eyes a hand or whatever it was, Ivan was always there to help. I remember one specific time, not too long ago when i was quite depressed, we had just discovered a new spot right in the middle of town at a huge football park. The place was called Mannen, because of a strange looking business man who came to sit close by us and smoke cigarettes. At this place we were awake pretty early for us in the summer, it was before noon and we sat waiting for a friend, we spoke about different paths life takes us, has taken, and will take us. So many touchy, dark and really scary subjects were touched upon that day, some of which i still find hard to grasp to the day. Ivan really pulled through that day and as always, said some deep philosophical and psychological mumbo jumbo that he normally does, and all was well in my confused little head, surprinsingly hehe :)

German underground techno with blonde hair and a huge appetite. Those are just a few words that can discribe Ivan. The title of this post however, refers to his ginormous appetite. Whenever we were out chilling and skating in Stockholm, Ivan would be hungry literally, 24/7. Just the other day we were out doing our thing, and he claimed to not be too hungry.. 5min later he walks into a kebab place, orders a meal, eats it and moves on. Shortly after that he bought a coke, a bag of chips and a massive chocolate bar. This is the Giant.

Within the MC, we kinda lived in our own world. A world where the city was kind of like our kingdom, we went wherever we went, did whatever we wanted and no one could stop us. Here is the Giant in his true element, on top of a mother fucking mountain.

Sorry that this was such a messy blog post, but just writing this makes me all teary eyed. I could write so much more about the Giant, but i would rather leave it at this.

A true friend, Ivan you will be missed by more people than just MC and its affiliates, i hope that we can some day meet again, preferably in Amsterdam hehe, but any where really! 

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