7 augusti 2011

Better or Worse?

Times are changing, and with that so is mankind. People change daily, from smaller everyday changes such as hair and clothing to personality and interests. I recently experienced one of these so called changes, quite a big and serious change for me actually. I was a bit taken aback by the initial change but i think, hopefully, that ill adapt to this new change in my life. At the same time there are many other things changing around me. Peoples lives are constantly changing and i am finally starting to take notice to that. For example, my friend just moved out of his house the other day hence his life is changing, for better or worse i cant tell, but im assuming its for the awesome? HEHE :p

Other things are changing nowadays too, like making plans to move to Santa Barbara with some friends and study two years there - i know community college isnt exactly Harvard, but its something and its not here in Sweden. I want the sun, i want the beach, i wanna surf, skate and just have a good time. Seriously cant wait till January, just hope that everything goes smoothly up until then.. Already had an unexpected/expected (kinda expected at least :P) change, that was my girlfriend of 18 months broke up with.. We kinda decided that life goes on and despite the fact we are both still in love with each other it would be for the best if we seperated and moved on. Both of us still hoping to stay friends and meet each other..

Either way, was out last night at some forest house (as in the music lol not a house house) party, was two different dj stations pumping music all night.. Was out till 6am this morning >_<
Heres my beauty, X, i love you<3

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