27 oktober 2011


Right so..

I haven't posted in forever! I've had a few other things on my mind and a couple of other things have happened since I was last in the dark depths of the blogging world! In fact, I haven't been doing much computer activities lately at all.. or well lol, it feels as if I haven't but now when I think back to it I probs have done quite a lot at the computer!

Anyways, been hanging out with the locals in my 'hood, chilling and grilling like always. Things haven't changed much in that sense lol, which is a good thing hehe.

So in the last two weeks or so, can't remember exactly when I posted maybe last week, but we will say two weeks ago, a few things have happened, progressed and changed!

I GOT INTO COLLEGE WOOPWOOP. Before being bashed for it being a community college, you guys out there have to remember one thing - I've been living in boring ass Sweden for the last 6 years and its time to get out. A few people have been telling me that community colleges are like, lol. Literally, lol. Not too much work, teachers aren't the best, facilities aren't the best etc etc, but fuck it, fuck that, and fuck you. I just want to get out. Escape, run, move, flee, have one speed:go etc etc. It doesn't matter if the college sucks, which I doubt it does, being one of the top 10 community colleges in America still means SOMETHING. Either way, accepted, can't wait to leave, get out of the cold, surf, train, skate, learn some new things, experience some West Coast luvin' and just live the general college dream, American Pie style.. but not quite lol. So with that being said, I am flying out on the 4th of January I believe, at around 13:00. It's gonna be tuuuung!

Last few weeks I have managed to write a massive philosophy behind my own personal coaching technique, which will be continuously developed, defined, added, cut away and generally edited as I go about with my training activities. It totaled 4 pages so I had to drop the font size so it could fit on the alloted 3 page limit lol. Spoke mostly about having 4 main factors, or pillars, to base ones coaching methods and routines upon. Those 4 being, in no particular order, self-discipline, trust, critique and self-confidence. Of course they were a lot more developed in writing than what they are here.. But here is pretty much how it looked in the "after" pictures!
During the last week or two that I have been MIA, I managed to get a hold of a little bit of money so I've bought a new fresh 4 kilo bag of Whey 80 from Starnutrition. That plus some other miscalanous items needed in order to get through the last two months of this cut. Or, phase 2 as I like to call it nowadays. 65kg ---> 60kg in 2 months, sounds do-able. So lez go!

Also, last Friday we had a MorotCrü grill at a friends place. Was just chicken and marshmellows and Coke mostly, with some music and crazy fire starting skills. The night was a success and here are the pics to prove it!

OH YEAH! Another thing that happened lately! I was taking the bus to a friends house last weekend or the weekend before that. While driving past the local store on the bus I saw a bunch of blue flashing lights. So I look up and see about 3 or 4 police officers pointing their guns at a guy who's hands were up in the air. Apparently some car chased had happened and the police finally managed to stop him, outside of the supermarket! LOL! So as the bus slowly drove past I saw them walk up to the guy and but him in a supressive position with a knee to the back of the neck, whilst they arrested him. Pretty interesting stuff! Don't know how much you will see form the pic, the flash kinda team flashed me when it bounced off the window of the bus.

 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, a random fit girl. She looks pretty fucking fit if you ask me :D

Maybe post a bit more later, see if I find time with the new homework assignments and stuff like that! Otherwise, peace out nignags! Tuuung.

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