5 oktober 2011

Day 01 - Introduce yourself


Born in 1991, right before the fall of Apartheid in South Africa I grew up amongst a variety of different colored faces. Coming from the heart of the Eastern Cape, one of the worlds most concentrated areas with HIV/AIDS I attended a mutlicultrural school up until the 8th grade. My mothertounge, despite being born into an Afrikaans (Boer) family is English as I attended an English school right from day 1. At the age of 11 I discovered surfing. Little did I know that it would lead on to become one of my greatest passions in life with intense following of the sport, its profressionals and all the surfing events around the world. At the age of 15 I moved to Sweden due to personal issues between my then, seperated parents. 

Here, where I currently still live, in Stockholm it's very different to the small city I lived in called East London back home. Although East London has just as much if not more inhabitants than Stockholm, it is very small space-wise compared to Stockholm. Moving to Stockholm for me was a life changing experience, naturally lol. I discovered a new found freedom within myself, being able to go where ever I wanted and meet who ever I wanted when ever I wanted. This all came with the access to public transport. Not having to rely on my parents to drive me around to places like school, the shopping centers, friends houses or even the beach was basically, for me, a new found freedom.

After a few years in Sweden here I am now, having graduated from one of Stockholms "most prestigious" schools (lol), worked a little bit here and there and gone through a complete transformation I have now decided it's time for the next chapter of my life, Californication and Exercise Science.

The reasons behind this change is still partly influenced, if not largely influenced, by my passion for surfing. Except now there are a few more factors involved. I have become obsessed with training, looking good and aesthetics. I believe, for now at least, that Exercise Science in California could very well help me achieve my life long back of my mind goal of becoming a surf coach or even possibly a professional surfers personal trainer. 

I love listening to music. It's one of my other hidden passions. I really like to attempt writing lyrics, although they often fail quite badly. It's just one of those things that people really enjoy doing but never really get any good it you know? My music taste can vary form month to month, but doesn't vary much between hiphop, dubstep, DnB, freestyle and rap. Kinda just circulates within those few genres hehe. 

Also one last thing, that I almost forgot to add was longboarding. Me and my skate crew gather up often several times a week to skate, film, hang out, chill and just get crazy.

Aaaaaaaaaaand, some life hacks? For those of you who don't know what it is exactly...

Tried this, it works and makes multiplication PISS EASY!


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  1. mind = blown, after i realised that this life hack works
    nice introducion, seems like you are a nice and smart person to talk to