19 oktober 2011

Hmm it's been a while..

It's gone several days now without me posting lol, sorry! Had some other things on my mind lately and been seeing a few people here and there making time for blogging kinda tight!

Progress on SBCC! One of our room mates has been accepted, so just waiting on the rest of us 3 to get an answer. Even if it's a no I just want to know the answer so I can stop thinking about it haha! But just the thought and knowing the fact that one person already got accepted makes me super excited - can't wait!

So the topic for the day is apparently "What you ate today". Well i'm actually going to a tiny post-birthday dinner for a friend of mine so i'll have something to post then about dinner seeing as I have no idea what it will be!

Excusing myself from the diet for today, I've been told I need to "eat more food" in any event, as my motabalism has more than likely, gotten used to eaten such few calories so I should try to "fuel the fire" according to one of my slightly more, educated, friends on this matter haha. I don't know what i'll do, to be honest I think I look decent at the moment. Not quite beach shredded but def better than before! Some abs here and there on a good day hehe ;) Otherwise I'm at a stable 65kg's and would like to go down to about 60kg's but we'll see about that!

Managed to finish my first assignment today from the Coaching Course, it was about philosophy. Who would have thought that philosophy existed in coaching! I wish they had told me this back in school because now it just seems as though philosophy exists in pretty much everything! Daaaamn and I find it so boring! Either way, I managed to finish it in one evening, writing 4 pages. I had to turn the font size down so it fit in the allotted 3 page limit lol.

Basically I wrote about a few core steps needed in order to succesfully train and coach an individual or team; them being self-discipline, trust, self-confidence and critique. Combining those 4 steps and reflecting upon oneself every now and then is key! I believe at least lol, took some examples from myself as I am the only person I have ever really coached in my life heh..

Enough for now! More later with a post about the FOOD! Maybe have a little wine hmm.

For those of you who travel frequently, do you use WiFi in the airports? Tired of having them charge you for it? I know I am! So here my lifehaxx gift of the day, to you guys! :)

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