1 november 2011

Shark Pool!

Hahaha yo INTERNET!

I was randomly sitting on Skype the other day when a friend linked the_most_epic_lol move ever. This movie just looks fucking fan-tastic! Strangely enough not even I, myself, know whether I am being sarcastic or not. I can't tell if its a parody or a rally bad B rate comedy lol. Maybe you guys can help?

So these college guys are heading to a pool party filled with hot girls, booze, awesome weather and the best part, a POOL! Then some how.. from no where, a shark appears. Dununununununu! Or however you write out the theme song to Jaws lol.

Here is the clip, be sure to grab it off your local torrent site when its released, I know i'll be checking PirateBay regularly!


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