1 november 2011

Day 6 (lol) - My Definition of Love

Right so, as the topic says.. Love.

Such a hard subject. Such a sensitive subject. Such a broad subject. Love differs from person to person, some seeing it much like the way it is portrayed in movies with all the white wedding dresses and the honeymoon and the constantly being at each others side etc etc. Others, preffer to live life slightly less "normal" and have internet relationships, long distance relationships or even other internet personas where they "cyber date" and other stuff hmmm, lol.

This post won't be too long, as I only have one thing to say about love.

If it doesn't feel right, then don't say it.

One thing I have always told myself, is that people are entitled to their own version of love. There are some that choose to love, there are some who choose to be loved. Others who choose to fall in love continuously, changing partners left right and center and there are others who are in love with being in love.

There are so many applicable scenarios when it comes to love, and each one is its very own unique situation which is almost always far more complicated than meets the eye. What I wrote before in bold and italics is pretty much my motto when it comes to the subject. I hate, no, dislike, people who loosely and casually throw around such a strong word which can change peoples entire day - for better or worse.

So, a much shorter post on todays topic but I believe I need not say no more! Take heed in what I have written fellow readers, I personally believe it is the only applicable "rule of love"

Thank you and goodnight internet!


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