28 juli 2011

Swedish surfing

So, havent posted in a while its been a bit hectic here on this side! Weather has been holding up at a solid 20-25 degrees(Celsius lol) but the _entire_time it has been so cloudy, like a huge blanket of cloud just hovering over Stockholm. Not too fun if you ask me! Spending most of the time indoors since im sick, throat is fucked and still coughing like a motherfucker.

Speaking of weather in Sweden, managed to find this clip posted by my friends at BlueBerryVisuals, thats a group of guys who surf up here in Sweden, one of them being Freddie Meadows, Swedens top surfer who actually competes on the ASP circuit. Thats like the division right under the World Championship Tour, so all the top like 200 surfers in the world basically. More info at ASP World Tour.

Anyways, nothing out of the ordinary happened these last few days since i last posted. Ivan never made it back last night, he sucks. But should be coming over tonight! Lelle was here tho, she didn't feel too well and went home last night at 23.30 :) Hope it wasnt too serious Lellz and your "driver" (that being her mom) didnt notice anything sketchy about your behaviour haha.

Killing Yourself To Live from Blueberry Visuals on Vimeo.

Need to try get another job, there are a few opportunities but still nothing that really has sparked my interest. Will post more later today!

Lez go!

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