25 juli 2011

A bad boy

Alright so, IM SICK! Sucks major ass, my throat is completely haywire, coughing all the time and all that nasty stuff that follows with throat infections hehe ;)

Jumping down to my first post about the Bong Pro in JBay, CONGRATULATIONS JORDY SMITH - Representing SA for us all around the globe, so stoked he won! I was actually watching most of the contest this weekend but sadly missed the finals, managed to catch it on Youtube tho later :)

So with me being sick n all I had to call off todays training session which would of been chest/triceps. Kinda sucks but i'd much rather rest my body, specially now im on a diet! Speaking of which, weighed myself today at my girlfriends place (her scale is slightly more trustworthy than man, i think at least haha) and it said i weigh 70 kilos! Meaning i've dropped 6 kilos _roughly_ since i started, about 20 days ago or so! Goal is prob something around 65, so a few more weeks to go! Gotta love dem water tension releases!

Managed to meet my boss today, got paid in cash, was a bit sketchy but im happy i have a tiny bit of money now to survive haha. Then went to John's place to give him his money which was also from the boss. Ivan is back soon,

MOROT lez go

PS: Heres a pic of me before i started the diet, at 79kg's (roughly)

And my diet! Looks something like that, erry' day im eatin dem chickenZ!


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