26 juli 2011

Bad Teacher

Yo wazzup!
Despite me being sick and not taking the advice of my girlfriend, i decided to head off to the movies last night, watched the new movie with Cameron Diaz called Bad Teacher! Before that we ate at a restaurant called Pongs, which is close to Stureplan here in Stockholm. Its a pretty small but "fancy" azn fast food place, i took cashew chicken for the broteins and managed to eat a little bit of veggies and rice!

I realised while i was watching that Diaz is really starting to move along in terms of age haha, shes peaking at milf years i would say hehe :D either way, she looked pretty good in this movie, washing cars Daisy Duke style ;)

Shes pretty much a crazy woman looking for a new suga daddy to support her kinda strange, expensive lifestyle. More than that i cant say without spoiling, oh ye shes a teacher too? Pretty good one at that too haha.. or?

After that i tried to get Caroline and Lelle over to my place to chillax and kick some but that didnt work out with both of them leaving us outside of the movies, only to later realise that Lelle had gone the wrong way on the subway line haha!

Back home we had to wait for Anton just a lil bit, he was walking home and took him another 30min or so, but once he arrived we hit up some Wiz and made some dinner. Was pretty lol. Anton managed to create some abomination which took about an hour to fix, but we still chilled so it was all guuud.

One thing we discussed was hankies or hankerchiefs. I've never understood the concept behind it. Or fine, the concept is simple, but the practice, practce(?) of having one is just straight up nasty dude. Blowing ones nose on an old piece of cloth where you can see other boogers and snot pieces from the last "blow out" is quite nasty. Not only that people then continue to place these disgusting rags back into their pockets and continue with life like nothing happened. Ewww?! Imagine washing that thing...

talk to ewww later!

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